QSuite seamlessly integrates with all major operations and is Quadra’s ERP solution for large enterprises in the Construction & Projects industry. Custom-developed to meet the operational challenges of large builders, the suite comes with 25 process specific modules. QSuite integrates seamless with the existing operations at a large engineering & construction enterprise and helps bring cohesion and robustness to the operations. With over 25 process specific modules it covers all areas of construction & real estate functions.

erp construction management

Streamline all activities & processes with regard to purchase of land. Manage multiple operations from single source and administer post-sales activities as well!

  • Land Definition
  • Land Visit & Feasibility details
  • Broker Details Entry
  • Land Purchase agreement details entry
  • Land Registration Details entry
  • Land Payments Schedule Definition
  • Land Payment Request, Approval and Payments
  • Broker Payments
  • Land Sales
  • Land Sales Receipt
real estate software india

As a developer & builder you are constantly dealing with legal issues and procedures, now streamline all your legal operations from a single source.

  • Case Details entry
  • Case Hearing Schedule
  • Follow-up Allocation
  • Lawyer definition
  • Legal Consult definition
  • Case hearing scheduling
  • Hearing details entry
  • Lawyer and other legal Consultant payments
construction erp systems

Liaise with different parties and procedures involved in your construction business. One stop solution to a track of all liaison and required follow-ups.

  • Define several statutory activities
  • Follow-up Allocation
  • Notification set up for date tracking
  • Statutory payments
  • Pollution control board liaison
  • Electricity board liaison
  • Water & sewage liaison
erp system for construction company

Track your incoming enquiries and understand the efficiency of the sales processes. Improve your sales pitches, sales processes and sales personnel based on accurate analysis and performance data.

  • Prospect Registration
  • Lead distribution
  • Prospect follow-up
  • Schedule for the next follow-up details
  • Competitors project details entry
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Marketing Department hierarchy definition
  • Confidentiality of data based on the hierarchy
best erp for construction company

Manage client-relations based on objective data & reports. Provide incentives & track work completion; besides implementing an objective evaluation criteria and appropriate incentive structures.

  • Client booking process
  • Client payment management
  • Demand letter generation
  • Client extra work management
  • Client Car park Management
  • Transfer of customers
  • Legal formalities
  • Customer receipts
  • Possession hand over
software for construction company

Keep a track of the cash outflow on marketing initiatives – tracking respective ROIs, analysing spends and channels.

  • Calculate ROIs
  • Budget preparation
  • Issue service orders
  • Service order billing
  • Service order payments
  • Calculate ROIs
  • Track & Manage ROIs
  • Order reconciliations
construction software
construction software

Manage your end-to-end bidding process from a single, robust module. Prepare, invite and analyse. For contractors this provides ease of use & integration with MS Excel with enhanced functionality; and comes with tracking mechanism to ensure there are no gaps in the processes.

  • Notice inviting tender
  • Tender preparation
  • Tender approval
  • BOQ activity linking
  • BOQ rate analysis
  • Bulk updation of rate, coefficient, replace of resources
  • Projected cash flow for the tender


best construction management software

The module helps you stay away from excesses thereby control costs & improving cash-flows. Aside from cost savings with proper planning save implementation timelines, thereby moving projects quickly from planning to implementation mode.

  • Activity master
  • WBS template
  • Estimate preparation
  • Estimate editing
  • Direct estimation
  • Estimation bulk editing
  • Sundry material estimation
  • Estimation versioning
  • Estimation stage closing
  • Estimation releasing
  • Budgeting/costing
best construction software

Articulate a detailed project schedule with list of daily action items and broad project goals. Track individual and module-wise completion of tasks to ensure that the overall project remains within the scheduled timeframe.

  • Holiday setting
  • Project scheduling preparation
  • Material accrue details editing
  • Labour accrue details editing
  • Equipment accrue details editing
  • Daily activity completion entry
best erp software

Contractors can now get a real-time view of stock requirements for each project & site and ensure your cash is not blocked in idle-inventory. Manage all sub-contractor operations to streamline project deliveries.

  • Tendering process with e-tendering facility
  • Work order
  • Work order approval
  • Mbook entry
  • Running account bill preparation
  • Summary preparation, mobilization amount, deductions etc…
  • Work order amendment
  • Retention release
  • Hold amount release
best erp software

Manage cash & inventories flow better with the purchases management module. Get a real-time view of stock requirements for each project & site and ensure your cash is not blocked in idle-inventory.

  • Indent preparation by site
  • Quotation entry and comparison
  • Purchase order preparation with link to estimate/budget
  • PO approval process
  • PO amendment
  • Direct expense payment
best real estate management software

Keep an up-to-date record of all inventories and resources. Manage movement of inventory and issue of materials with additional features to account for site-to-site transfers

  • GRN at site with freight details
  • Materials issue
  • Site-to-site transfers
  • Material-returned-to-vendor account
best software for real estate

Single-point snapshot of fixed assets and their accounting. Track purchase and maintenance history and account for fuel consumption. Improved management of hired fixed assets and their management.

  • Fixed asset purchase
  • Fixed asset coding
  • Fixed asset log book entry
  • Fixed asset register
  • Equipment fuel consumption entry
  • Equipment maintenance record
  • Equipment depreciation
  • Equipment on-hire
  • AMC
building construction software

Complete control of your hired & owned labour. Effective utilization to ensure that none of the projects are over-staffed or under-stand. Track performance and implement efficiency guidelines.

construction company software

Manage billing cycles and cash outflow with greater efficiency. Define billing cycles and criteria that defines the rate & method of bill preparations.

  • Work completion details
  • Billing process
  • Billing cycles
  • Bill submission to clients
  • Bill certification
  • Customer receipt
construction contract management software
construction contract management software

Define the terms of maintenance of a project. Post-delivery upkeep and security as well as insurance claims.

  • Asset Definition
  • Asset AMC/Insurance Handling
  • Asset Transfers
  • Preventive maintenance scheduling and completion details entry
  • Breakdown maintenance entry and issuing service order to the outside agency
  • Facility management chart
  • Maintenance scheduling and completion details entry
construction crm software

Define terms of lease and lease units. Manage agreements, billing and maintenance costs with ease. Utility bills accounting, common area maintenance and security deposit accounting from a single module.

  • Definition of the project and units
  • Registration of enquiries for the Lease & Rental
  • Follow-up for the enquiries
  • Rental/Lease Agreement entry
  • Broker registration & Payments
  • Payment Schedule Preparation
  • Client Receipts
  • Agreement Renewal
  • Customer move out
construction estimate software

Management & maintenance of the common area of the project as well has handling consumer complaints. Follow up of consumer queries, consumer profiles and administration.

  • Customer registration (Direct entry as well as copy from the Client Management Module)
  • Tenant details entry
  • Collection/Payment of amount on behalf of customers
  • Periodic Bill process to the service client
  • Customer Complaints handling and charging the amount for the complaint rectification
  • Customer service request handling and charging the amount for executing the service request
  • Service Client Receipt
  • Customer deposit refund
construction management software
construction project management
construction project management software
construction management software

Accurate accounts management module compliant with the statutory compliances. Provides accurate information on the financial health of the organization as well as the commercial status of individual projects & processes.

  • Project centric accounting and P&L
  • Enterprise structure
  • Auto-generation of vouchers
  • Multi-currency support
  • Multi-year reporting
construction project management

Record detailed financial transactions with sub-ledgers and voucher entries. Easy to manage and allows for efficient end-of-year accounting procedures. Reconcile bank statements and issue inter-company vouchers.

  • Chart of account creation
  • Sub ledgers
  • Opening balance entry
  • Cost/profit center
  • Voucher entry
  • Flexible voucher numbering
  • Common expense allocation
  • Petty cash management
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Period closing
  • Budget vs. actual
  • Year end process
  • Schedule VI
  • Share capital details
  • Intercompany vouchers
  • Multi currency
  • Depreciation
construction project management software

Create and maintain an easy and effective account payable statement to have a clear snapshot of existing liabilities. Generate vouchers automatically from other modules and post all payments from one module.

  • Automatic generation of vouchers from other modules
  • Subcontractors billing
  • Vendor invoice posting
  • Hired labour bill posting
  • Casual labour bill posting
  • Employee salary posting
  • Client extra work bill posting
  • Client debit credit note posting
  • Employee final settlement posting
  • Expense voucher bill posting
  • Employee incentive posting
  • Bonus posting
  • Inventory direct expense posting
  • Broker payment posting
  • Land payable posting
  • Liaison posting
  • Legal consultant payment posting
contract management software

Up-to-date tracking of bills receivables for efficient follow up and cash recovery. Ensures that there is no additional cash-flow hurdles on account of inefficient client liaison.

  • Client bill posting
  • Client extra work management
contractor management software

Simultaneous postings into multiple modules with interlinked functions.

  • Material Receipt Posting
  • Material Issue Posting
  • Revenue Recognitions
  • Client Transfer posting
  • Schedule Set Off Verification Posting
  • Land Payment Schedule Posting
  • On Completion of Activity Posting
  • Stock Transfer Posting
epicor erp

Stay ahead of all payment schedules and generate timely reminders for receivables. Prepare payment procedures and order cheque printing.

  • Payment preparation for pending items
  • Rationing facility based on available balance
  • Payment postings
  • Cheque printing & approval
  • Advance payment management
  • Cash discounts
  • Interest calculations
project management software

Manage your workforce better with accurate record-keeping and data management. Efficient systems promote an efficient workforce and improve work place processes.

  • Recruitment module
  • Employee profile
  • Employee appraisal system
  • Employee training management system
  • Employee transfer/deputation
  • Employee promotion details
Property Management ERP Software India

Automated management of payrolls ensures that the workforce is compensated in a timely manner. Thereby keeping their morale high and focus on work unwavering.

  • Employee creation
  • Salary setup
  • Reporting structure
  • Leave management
  • Bonus
  • Gratuity
  • Incentive
  • Contractual leave management
  • Exit interviews & final settlement
  • Reports
    • Salary slip
    • Salary statement,
    • Form-16,
    • PF/PT/EST forms
property management software

Manage & streamline operations at your real-estate enterprise; making it more efficient, productive and vibrant place to work!

  • Stationery requests management
  • Office expenses billing
  • Telephone management
  • Employee accommodation management
  • Utilities payments
  • Sundry expenses
ramco erp

Manage users of the ERP to keep your business operations seamless while providing adequate access to individual users.

  • User Definition (Facility to create users automatically from employee definition)
  • User Security
  • Project wise user permission
  • Password complexity configuration
real estate crm
real estate crm software
real estate management

Easy and effective management of all your clients and their interactions with you using a single web interface.

  • Client dashboard
  • Complaints entry
  • Payment schedule details
  • Receipt details
real estate crm

One-stop web interface to manage vendor relations and operations.

  • Quotation entry
  • Purchase order details
  • View invoices
  • Track payment status
real estate crm software

A web interface for you to effectively manage contractors – quote & award tenders, measure work & efficiency and process payments.

  • Quote tenders
  • Viewing awarded tenders/work orders
  • Execute work orders
  • Measurement book entry
  • View ledger details
  • View bills
  • View payment details
real estate management software

A web interface for your workforce to interact with the HR and manage personal employment issues:

  • Employee Personal Information
  • Benefits & Payments
  • View loan details and request for loan
  • Careers & jobs openings available with employee referral facility
  • View leave details and request for leave
  • Stationary material request
  • Travel & Expense
  • HR Department notifications
  • Holiday list
  • Form 16
  • Events
  • Training programs and Request for the training Reports: Employee can view their salary slip and other reports
real estate management system

Manage your business operations better with informed analytics and data. Improved decision making capabilities from better interpretation of information.

  • CRM
  • Finance
  • Estimation
  • Contracts Management
  • Purchase
  • Labour
  • HRA
  • Compliance
real estate software

Create alerts to be notified via E-mail or SMS for better client service.

  • Alert configuration
  • Alert module
  • Approvals in Business Analytics Portal
real estate softwares

Integratewith MS Project for better delivery & execution.

  • Exporting the Estimate details to MSP (Activities, Materials, labour details etc)
  • Do the scheduling in MSP
  • Import the task start date and end date to QSuite
  • Material Resources Planning


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  • real estate property management software ERP for Construction and Real Estate Industry

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