Privacy Policy

At Quadra we respect the privacy of our users are steadfastly remains committed to the safety of their data & personal information. All information that is requested and sought by the website is strictly confidential is used for the explicitly mentioned intended purposes only. Quadra remains the sole owner and user of the information collected and is not shared with any third-party for direct or in-direct use. Please note, that this information is voluntarily furnished by you, and Quadra does not impose any condition or coercion for the same.

The information could be used to contact you for the purposes that the information was furnished. And unless explicitly asked to stop, we may contact you via email to keep you posted on relevant information, offers and other details. You can requested to be unsubscribed from the mails at any time.

We takes all the necessary steps to keep your data safe, private and away from third-parties. Wherever applicable and possible, encryption methods are used to provide additional security.

Users of the website must note that the privacy policy is being constantly updated and the latest version posted online will be enforceable for all considerations.