Being the best. Building the best. Come Be a Part of the Journey

We are constantly looking for the best – of solutions for our clients, processes that streamline our functions; and people to work for us. Being the best is at the heart of what we do and who we are for our clients. Being able to strive hard, find the right solutions and implement them for the client is what separates us from the rest.

Would you think you want to be part of such a work environment & contribute to the best? Browse through our openings right now and apply for any that suits you the best. Our Human Resources team will get in touch with you to know you more!

If you cannot find a suitable opening, feel free to mail us your resume and we’ll get in touch with you, if and when, a position opens up!

Job Title Qualification Experience Location Number Of Vacancy
  • DB Engineer BCA/MCA/B Tech/B Sc. 2 to 4 years Bangalore 2 apply now
  • Technical Lead BCA/MCA/B Tech/B Sc. 5 to 7 years Bangalore 2 apply now
  • Technical Lead BCA/MCA/B Tech/B Sc. 5 to 7 years Cochin 2 apply now
  • Senior Technical Project Manager MCA/B Tech/B Sc. 9 + years Bangalore 1 apply now
  • Business Analyst MBA/MCA/B.Sc/BE – Civil Eng. 3 to 6 Bangalore 3 apply now
  • A culture of integrity and transparency!

    Building the best begins with being the best. At Quadra we appreciate & expect personal integrity and promote corporate integrity. Being open & honest. Being transparent to ensure that we have a culture of opening, respect and growth.

  • A culture of learn and grow!

    Being the best is about improving every day. And improvement comes through constant learning & personal development. Work is not just about accomplishing a task each day – it also involves learning to do it better.

  • A culture that rewards performance! A culture that promotes work-life balance!

    Being the best is not a one-time event – it is a process that ought to be repeated every day translating into higher performance. At Quadra we recognize and reward high performance for their work, effort and inclination to keep performing.

    The Best don’t just work 24/7 they take appropriate time-off to recharge their batteries and come back stronger. Quadra is sensitive and accommodating of adequate time off and engagement activities to allow employees the ideal work-life balance.

  • A culture of making a positive impact on society!”

    The best of organizations & people don’t just think of themselves but for the larger good. Quadra is a socially sensitive & responsible organization that pursues various initiatives for those less fortunate. And in the same vein encourages active employee participation.

  • Innovation. Excellence. And Enjoyment. That’s a day at Quadra

    We would all love workplaces that are enjoyable, fun-filled and exciting. And there is challenge and healthy competition. At Quadra, we look forward to making your work day every bit of these and more. Amidst people who believe in innovation and strive for technological excellence – working is fun &learning all the time. You are working with a bunch of people who are constantly striving to be the best and this is an invigorating, fun-filled and exciting place! Any day at Quadra is full of exciting moments and never likely to be boring!