Our Expertise

We bring together both Real Estate Domain Knowledge and Software Technology Prowess to develop the best of ERP solutions for the Engineering, Construction, Contracting and Realty (ECCR) Industry. At heart we remain passionate & committed to finding the best solutions for the industry with cutting-edge technology being the key differentiator. erp solutions for construction companies

erp software for construction
erp for real estate

Over 25 years serving a wide range of clients from the Engineering, Construction, Contracting and Realty (ECCR) Industry gives us an unparalleled insight into the industry. We have remained at the forefront of software solutions for the industry during this time – learning, adapting and refining solutions. This domain-knowledge helps us tailor-make software with the exact nomenclature, processes and workflows as in the real world.


erp for real estate

We remain steadfast in our commitment to provide the most innovative and technologically advanced tools to our consumer. The technology paradigm is shifting ever so swiftly, and it is our constant endeavour to remain at the cutting-edge of it – ensuring that our clients never have to settle for the second-best. We are equally, if not more, commitment to innovation – because that’s what keeps us ahead of our competitors.


Our technological nous also stems from consistent and steadfast commitment to research & development. Our products are reinvented periodically to ensure that they remain ahead of their competition while our clients can remain focussed on delivering their projects on time and with required quality standards.

best erp software for construction industry

Being an insider of sorts in the real estate industry, we really understand the jargon, processes and nitty-gritty of the real estate operations. This insight comes in handy in developing a software which is as close as possible to the real world. The software & automation part increases efficiency and accuracy while the familiarity increasing the possibility of users embracing the product.


Industry insights also help us foresee the problems before the user actually faces them and develop a solution in the manner of their liking. Being an industry insider we are fully aware of the challenges and the possible options to overcome those challenges.

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Customers remain at the heart of all our product development and operations. Various customers have reposed their faith in us over the last quarter of a century – and we value this trust immensely. As we continue to expand our client-base we remain committed to serving each of our clients to the best of our ability and thereby helping them deliver the next generation customer experience to their own clients.


Customers are at the heart of all our initiatives. Our products understand the difficulties of our clients; and seek to arrive at solutions that best suits our clients. We value the feedback we receive from our users and it remains a constant endeavour to improve our products based on this feedback.

erp software for construction

Industry insights, technological superiority and domain knowledge all come together to make Quadra a one-of-its-kind product developer for the ECCR space. Our business intelligence is built on solid science, gleaned from years of experience and hands on domain knowledge. This makes our products work for our clients and meet each of the expectations laid before us in delivering the next generation customer experience.

Our Experience

25 Years - 100+ Clients - 3500 Projects. If numbers alone had to spell the story of Quadra it would be difficult to capture everything. And yet these numbers are a testimony to our competence, perseverance and technological prowess. We are one of India’s more credible & trusted product development technology companies. erp for construction company

  • experience-img1
    • BuildX – First ERP for Builders
    • Developed in ‘Clipper’ Language
    • Combined domain knowledge with technology
    • Essential modules included
  • 2_Quadra_ERP_Construction_RealEstate_Suite_Neon_Lite_Experience_2000
    • Quadra ERP for Builders launched
    • Includes additional modules and Functionality
    • Quadra ERP for Contractors launched in 2002
    • Contractors ERP includes TBM, Client Sales Billing, etc.
    • Developed on VB
  • 3_Quadra_ERP_Construction_RealEstate_Suite_Neon_Lite_Experience_2008
    • QSuite for Builders & Contractors launched
    • Web-based interface with 25+ modules
    • Multi-parameter support – currency, language, Company
    • Developed on ASP .Net and C#
  • 4_Quadra_ERP_Construction_RealEstate_Suite_Neon_Lite_Experience_2009
    • QLite launched to beat recession
    • Lite version of suite with key modules
    • Web-enabled
    • Tally integration
    • Quadra Plus with Finance module integrated
  • 5_Quadra_ERP_Construction_RealEstate_Suite_Neon_Lite_Experience_2012
    • Launch of QNeon
    • Fully web-based
    • Multi Browser, & multi DB support
    • Loosely coupled architecture
  • 6_Quadra_ERP_Construction_RealEstate_Suite_Neon_Lite_Experience_2015
    • Cloud enabled offerings
    • Collaboration portals – Customer, Vendor, Contractor, Employee and Business Analytics


Our credibility

Our credibility is the clients we serve. With over 100 of them spread across India, Middle East & Africa – Quadra has acceptance & position matched by few. Our clients have stayed with us for a long time and we have grown business with favourable reviews coming from them. Alongside client-validation, Quadra has been recognized in various forums – reviewed by highly esteemed peers.

  • Frost & Sullivan award for the IT Application Vendor of the Year in the Real Estate and Construction Sector for the year 2012

  • One of Top 100 Innovators in India by NASSCOM – 2012

  • Product Enclave Emerging Products Innovation CIO Choice Awards”, by NASSCOM in 2011

  • Award for Excellence in Innovation by NASSCOM – 2006